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Understanding the difference between heat pumps vs ductless splits.

A ductless split operates based on the same concept as a heat pump. In fact, it's a kind of heat pump–just without the ductwork. Instead of ductwork, it employs ceiling or wall-mounted units housing integrated air handlers. These indoor components connect directly to an exterior condensing unit via a discreet wall hole. Multiple indoor units can connect to one outdoor unit, delivering whole-house comfort without the necessity for ducts.

There are two types of ductless splits:

1.Single Zone

Perfect for maintaining comfortable temperatures in smaller spaces, such as individual rooms, or for enhancing your existing HVAC setup. These ductless heating and cooling systems excel at delivering effective air conditioning for individual rooms, expanding existing systems, and offering extra support in larger homes where specific areas require additional climate control.

2. Multi Zone

Experience tailored comfort with our Multi-zone Ductless Split System, a versatile heating and cooling solution perfect for modern living. This innovative system functions like a mini-split, where a single outdoor compressor pairs with multiple indoor units, allowing you to create up to six distinct climate zones in your home. This means you have the freedom to set different temperatures in each room or area, catering to individual preferences and needs. Unlike traditional central heating and cooling systems that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, our ductless system gives you precise control over each zone. Whether it's warming up the living room for a cozy family gathering or keeping the bedroom cool for a restful night's sleep, our system adapts to your lifestyle, offering personalized comfort where it matters most.

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