Ontario Greener Homes Grant

Your new system may be eligible for a $6500 Government grant.

We offer a variety of HVAC equipment that will get you qualified for The Ontario Greener Homes Grant.

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Customer testimonials

"We called Nick at Interior Climate Solutions to replace our aging furnace and A/C which were starting to fail. We found them through their stellar reviews on homestars and google and they completely lived up these expectations."

JS, Toronto

"I have hired Nick and his team for a few jobs: ductless air conditioning and boiler system installation. His work is always punctual, with the best attention to client satisfaction and customer service."

Andrea, Toronto

"Nick and his team have done a number of jobs for me - including fixing other contractors mistakes / work not done to code. Wonderful to work with, competitively priced and extremely trustworthy."

Heather, Toronto
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